What we do

We help children access experiences which inspire curiosity, deepen self-belief and broaden perspectives.

We work with children aged 8 to 12 whose families may not be able to access the out-of-school enrichment activities that many take for granted. We offer a uniquely varied range of enrichment activity, encompassing the worlds of science, the arts, history, nature and sport.

Our venues/activities include: At Bristol science museum, M-Shed (history of Bristol), Arnolfini arts gallery, Wild Place conservation park, Leap of Faith climbing wall, canoeing and kayaking in Bristol harbour and Arnos Vale. At all the activities, children are challenged to develop the soft skills that research has proven to be critical to success in life, and they are rewarded for showing these skills . For example, curiosity, perseverance or understanding others’ feelings are developed through workshops (creating a challenging piece of art work, climbing a 12 metre high wall, observing lemur behaviour from inside their enclosure and discussing body language parallels with humans).

Sessions are led by experienced teachers or youth workers.

You can read about our past programmes here: Past programmes