Primary to Secondary Transition

Managing Change; Supporting Independence

Our Primary to Secondary Transition programme is designed with Year 6 children and their families in mind. We want to offer support, advice, guidance and opportunities to practise necessary skills, to children who are about to embark on a transition that will mean many changes for both them and their parents.

Challenges, Skills and Attributes

We believe the best way to do this is by raising awareness of the key skills and attributes required to successfully move on to Year 7, taking into consideration the challenges they may face. Many of the skills we promote and teach as part of our other programmes will be found embedded in this programme. These include: emotional intelligence, social skills, resilience, confidence and problem solving, for instance.

Our Primary Transition programme is delivered in three 2hr sessions for the groups of children, ideally with their parents.

Topics and Themes

  1. How parents can give just the right amount of support

  2. What are the worries and what are the realities?

  3. Skills for a successful transition

  4. Routines and sameness

  5. Autonomy and independence

  6. Mindfulness and emotional recognition and regulation

  7. Social skills

  8. Building confidence

  9. Assertiveness

  10. Dealing with Conflict

  11. Who do you know?

  12. Physical readiness: sleep, diet, mental health

  13. Worry stones – ways to manage low-level anxiety