Skill Builder Enrichment Programme

“Disadvantaged children, aged 8 – 12yrs”

Our seven-month Skill Builder programmes support children from low-income backgrounds who have been identified by their schools as needing support in developing their life and learning skills. With our support, these children grow in confidence, learning about themselves, their skills, abilities, interests, putting them on a path to success, which without our intervention may not have been achievable. Between the ages of 8 to 12yrs, children are highly responsive to this kind of learning, which is why we believe this is the ideal time in their lives to give them the boost they deserve.

We take groups of 12 children, identified by their schools as those who would most benefit and are also eligible for Pupil Premium funding. Each group will participate in 12 activity days, predominantly in the school holidays, to various activity venues across the Bristol area, introducing them to the worlds of science, the arts, history, sport and nature, through visits to museums, city farms and interesting workplaces, and opportunities to try sports which are new to them such as ice-skating, climbing, circus skills and kayaking.

“Seven core skills”

Every activity is designed to explicitly develop two to three of our seven target core skills: confidence, resilience, teamwork, leadership, problem solving, goal-setting and curiosity.

Our programme has been tweaked, tailored and continually improved since 2016 to ensure the activities provide excellent opportunities for the development of our target skills, ensuring the children are given multiple opportunities to plan for, practise and improve their skills.

“Progress & achievement feedback”

Children reflect on their progress and achievements after each activity, twice daily as leaders give detailed feedback on their observations of the children demonstrating any of the seven key skills. Children are also encouraged to notice and nominate each other. This is recorded in each child’s skills passport with a star stamp. The notes are also written up and stored digitally using an app allowing parents and children to see their progress and achievements.

“Reflection and target setting”

Before each activity series (holiday period) group leaders deliver reflection and target sessions, during which children discuss their achievements and favourite parts of the previous activities and set personal targets for skills development for the next activities. These reflections and targets are collated and used by leaders during activities to ensure opportunities are created for them to work towards their chosen skill(s). We also use this information to track improvements across the programme and to show impact.