Entreprenurial Business Skills for KS2 Children

Primary Enterprise is a 10-week programme that develops entrepreneurial business skills alongside universally useful life and learning skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and project planning.

Children will work in teams of 5 or 6 to develop a business idea and bring it to market, with real start-up funding. Sessions are delivered in schools for whole classes, one morning per week.

Putting the Core Skills into Practise

Whilst our Boost programme focusses on learning about and understanding our seven core skills, the Primary Enterprise programme puts those skills into practise with a focus on future employability and enterprise skills.

Topics and Themes

  1. Business skills and teams including personal skills reflection and teamwork skills

  2. Creative thinking skills, including problem solving in teams

  3. Forming business ideas into practical steps, matching skills in the team to the generated ideas

  4. How to run a team meeting, including chairing, minutes, agendas and finance updates

  5. Project planning, problem solving and budgeting, including using technology such as Google Sheets and Excel

  6. How to make informed decisions whilst weighing up risks and benefits

  7. Working together, overcoming challenges and conflict resolution

  8. Assertive communication

  9. Sales and understanding others, including emotional intelligence

  10. Marketing and Promotion

  11. Presentation Skills

  12. Embracing mistakes and failure as an important part of learning

Dragons’s Den Competition Showcase Event

Children will be encouraged to progress and build their business over the course of the programme, making profit along the way. The final session would be followed by a showcase event which could involve an element of competition or Dragons’ Den where children pitch their idea for further development funding.

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