Mandala Family Colouring Competition

Family Fun

We’re asking parents and children to take part in our Mandala Family Colouring Competition throughout June 2021. That’s parents and children together, working on the same Mandala, ideally together, discussing and deciding on colours, patterns and overall design.

How to Take Part

  1. Fill in the competition entry form.

  2. Donate your entry fee via our donation page / button (£3 – £5).

  3. Download our Mandala pack and choose one design to work on.

  4. Print your chosen design. If you don’t have a printer, maybe your child’s school could help with that.

  5. Colour your Mandala together. There’s no rush. Take your time.

  6. Photograph or scan your finished Mandala then share it with us via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or email it to us (

  7. Wait to hear if you’ve won a prize. We’ll announce the winners in the first week of July.

Sharing Your Finished Mandala

You can share your completed Mandala with us in any of the following ways:

  1. Message us via Facebook with the Mandala as an attachment or share it via a comment on one of our Mandala posts.

  2. Share it with us via Instagram or message us directly with it as an attachment.

  3. Comment on any of the Mandala posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and attach your Mandala as an attachment.

  4. Email us with your Mandala attached at

We’ll contact you to confirm we’ve received your entry. If you don’t hear from us within a few days, please get in touch to check we’ve received it.

What is a Mandala?

The Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. The circular designs are meant to remove irritating thoughts by allowing the creative mind to run free. We like this idea so much we’re using it as a mindful colouring activity. Mandalas have become more and more common. You may have seen them in mindfulness colour books and are readily available for download from a variety of websites.

The Purpose

Our Mandala colouring competition has several purposes: we want to provide families with a fun activity to complete together with the added incentive of a prize; we also want to promote the work we do and raise our profile; finally, we’d like to raise some money to help us deliver our great programmes.

When delivering our evidence-based parenting course, delivered online, we discuss the importance of spending quality time with children, doing things they enjoy, also, having quality conversations, asking questions and getting children’s views and opinions about the world. And from here the Mandala family colouring competition idea was born.

Entry Donation

We’re asking for a donation of between £3 – £5 to enter. If you’d like to donate £3 to enter, that’s fine. if you’re able to donate up to £5 to enter, we’d be really grateful. Your entry donation will be used to support disadvantaged children in taking part in activities that will build their confidence, self-esteem and other important life and learning skills.

Please write your name or team name in the comments section so we can tie your entry donation to your Mandala entry. 

Our Programmes

All of our programmes have our seven life and learning skills weaved through them: resilience, confidence, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, goal-setting and curiosity. We feel that our fundraising events should also embody these skills, allowing others to experience them, helping to bring home how and why they are so important.

As our mission is to deliver high-quality, evidence-based programmes that develop children’s life and learning skills and build parents’ skills and confidence to support their children, we ask for a small donation of 3 to 5£ in order to participate.


You can download the pack and sign up from Saturday 29th May. Entries will be accepted until Midnight on 30th June 2021.

Rules / Spirit of the Competition

  1. A team should comprise 1 child (max. age 12yrs) & 1 adult (parent / carer). It’s fine for children and adults to be part of more than one team. Each team is required to pay the entrance donation and is eligible to receive a prize.

  2. Both the adult and child should contribute as equally as possible to the Mandala.

  3. Completed Mandalas must be received by midnight on 30th June 2021.

  4. Teams may submit only one Mandala per entry. Please note one of the following when submitting: parent’s name, child’s name or team name.


1st place Prize: Mandala Dotting Tool

2nd place Prize: Coloured Pens

3rd place Prize: Mindfulness Colouring Book