Pupil Selection

Each Enrichment programme consists of two partnered schools. We work closely with our two chosen schools to select twelve children to invite to be part of the programme.

Children are selected from those who are eligible for Pupil Premium or similar funding. We support school staff in considering the needs, strengths and skills of each eligible child in relation to our ‘seven core life and learning skills’ to determine who to invite.

If selected, children are expected to commit to attending all sessions for the duration of the programme.

School Requirements

The majority of school requirements come at the start of the programme, when selecting children, liaising with parents and arranging a welcome session in school. Throughout the duration of the programme we check in with schools, sharing information about attendance, behaviour and safeguarding, and arranging in-school sessions between trips.

Specifically we ask the following of our participating schools:

  1. Designate a member of staff to be the main contact to liaise and communicate with Wider World throughout the programme, with the ability to carry out the expectations in this agreement.
  2. Identify six children to participate in the programme. The School may, in agreement with the partner school(s), increase or decrease the number of participants to equal twelve in total.
  3. Approach target families to gauge interest prior to sending registration forms.
  4. Send paper copies, in addition to electronic copies if desired, of the programme flyer, registration form and letter to the parent/ carer of each selected pupil.
  5. Substitute children as necessary in order to fill the agreed number of places, if any of the first cohort of invitees do not wish to participate.
  6. Send a list, containing the names of confirmed pupils, to Wider World at least three weeks prior to the commencement of the programme.
  7. Send or make available all completed registration forms at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the programme.
  8. Send or make available all completed baseline impact assessment forms at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the programme.
  9. In discussion with Wider World agree and arrange a time to hold a welcome session for parents and children, to take place prior to the first activity day.
  10. Liaise with Wider World to agree and arrange coaching sessions to take place during term-time, in school. This equates to three half-days per school and approximately 20 minutes per pupil, per session.
  11. Pass on any communication from parents intended for Wider World.
  12. Share relevant information with Wider World about participating children, that could have an impact on their own or other children’s experience in the programme, including but not limited to behaviour, family or medical circumstances or child protection concerns.


We try to work with two schools to create one group. The cost per pupil is £100.

This includes all 12 Resilience Skill Builder days, 1 welcome workshop and 4 in-school reflection and planning sessions.

The schools contribution (12 pupils) equates to approximately 10% of the total cost of each programme. The remaining funding is from grants and fundraising.

Talk to us about including the Boost programme as a natural bolt-on classroom-based learning programme, that can be delivered alongside the Enrichment Programme.

Our Logo and The Albatross

If you’re interested in enroling your pupils in our next programme, your first step would be to contact Jonothan Hope, our Programme Manager, to arrange a meeting.

[button label=”Email Jonothan ” link=”” target=”_blank” color=”blue” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”1db37b0fdf0faa0436d2aaa56dae4936″ _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/button]Following your initial meeting your next steps would be as follows:

  1. Identify a school contact responsibility for liaising with Wider World and overseeing programme engagement.
  2. Identify 6 children who would most benefit from participating in the enrichment programme.
  3. Approach parents of identified children to gauge commitment.
  4. Send registration forms to parents by
  5. Receive all completed registrations by
  6. Pass all completed registration forms to Wider World by the agreed date.
  7. Teachers complete baseline questionnaires
  8. Pupils complete baseline questionnaires
  9. Send parent baseline questionnaires
  10. Pass all completed questionnaires to Wider World
  11. Arrange date for ‘Meet the Children’ session
  12. Provide finance / payment requirements, e.g. new vendor setup, purchase order, etc.

We’ve created a handy checklist for schools which can be downloaded here

Supervision and Care

  • All staff supervising children will undergo an enhanced DBS check prior to their involvement in the programme and will be assessed as to their suitability based on its outcome.
  • At least one member of staff supervising children will hold a paediatric first aid certificate dated within 3 years of the programme commencing with an update within 1 year.
  • At least one member of staff will have completed child protection/ safeguarding training. All other supervising adults will have received a safeguarding briefing.
  • Child protection concerns will be passed on to the child’s school and/ or social services as soon as possible following an incident or disclosure. Safeguarding procedures, as laid out in the training received, will be followed at all times.
  • Children will be supervised at all times with a ratio of at least 1:6 adults to children.
  • Children will be transported from a designated pick-up point by minibus or walked if a minibus is not required. There will always be at least two members of Wider World staff accompanying the children at all times during transport.
  • If a child is not at the designated pick-up point at the required time the minibus will wait for a maximum of five minutes, at which point the minibus will leave. A member of staff will attempt to contact the parent/ carer just before the leave-time and again once the minibus has left. Wider World will not make alternative transport arrangements for children who miss the pick-up. Parents/ carers will be expected to transport their child if they wish them to join the group.

The Programme

  • Deliver thirteen activity days over a period of approximately seven months.
  • Provide places for twelve children to participate in one programme. This can be split between participating schools. The cost per school detailed in this agreement is based on six children participating from each of two schools.
  • Activity days will take place during a mix of school holidays and term time, the details of which, including the term/ holiday proportion will be agreed with the participating schools.
  • Provide three mentoring sessions for participants, spread across the duration of the programme, which will take place in school, during term-time. Dates and times will be agreed with schools. If a suitable date and time offered by Wider World cannot be accommodated by schools, some sessions may not take place.


  • Share with schools by phone or email, information deemed important and necessary regarding children’s behaviour, accidents, injuries or near-misses, as soon as possible and no later than one week after the related activity day.
  • Communicate trip dates, times and details with the school on a termly basis, at least four weeks before activities commence.
  • Provide letters, by email, for schools to send on to parents of participating children at least four weeks before activities commence.
  • Text, call or email parents directly, sharing activity details throughout the duration of the programme.
  • Reply to correspondence from schools by phone or email within one week of receipt during term-time and within two weeks during school holidays.
  • Store data supplied by you for the duration of the programme on a secure cloud server and organisation computers accessible to Wider World staff only. We will delete this data within 6 months of the programme end date.

Impact Assessment

  • Provide baseline assessment and final assessment documents to each school by email for schools to carry out baseline assessments and pass on to parents to complete.
  • Share impact assessment results with schools within four weeks of the completion of the project.
  • Carry out progress assessments during every activity session, recording anecdotal evidence, photographing or videoing achievements and recording instances when participants demonstrate evidence of the core skills set out in the ‘Wider World Skills’ document.
  • Share progress with schools in the form of email updates and photos and/ or videos.