GPS Team Challenge

“Complete as many challenges as you can”

 Our GPS Team Challenge event is a woodland teambuilding game. Teams race against the clock and each other, completing challenges together and scoring points. Your team will need to move quickly from station to station across a large wooded area, choosing where to go from a GPS map showing station locations.

“Where should we go next? How many points is it worth? Which is closest? Who’s in the lead?”

Each challenge has a set of instructions, accessed using your mobile device. When your team completes a challenge, you upload your photo evidence which increases your team score. You can see all team scores in the app in real-time, including your place on the leaderboard.

Why Do We Do It?

All of our programmes have our seven life and learning skills weaved through them: resilience, confidence, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, goal-setting and curiosity. We feel that our fundraising events should also embody these skills, allowing others to experience them, helping to bring home how and why they are so important.

This game requires bucket-loads of teamwork, leadership and problem-solving. We support the children on our programmes to develop their communication skills, practising their speaking, listening, checking and understanding. We also run activities designed to test children’s ability to solve problems critically and systematically. We want to give you a chance to practise and demonstrate these skills too.

Maybe you’re great at all of these skills and you can see how having them allows you to achieve the things you want in life. Maybe some of them don’t come so easily to you and you can, therefore, see why our programmes are so beneficial. Taking part may give you the opportunity to learn about your own skills and build your own confidence along the way. We hope so!

Event Details

We’ll be running two events in one day. Event 1 will run from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Event 2 will run from 2:00pm – 4:00pm. Each event will have a maximum of five teams playing, so that’s ten team spaces available. You’ll need to arrive 30 minutes before the start time for a briefing and tech-check. You can use your own mobile phone or use one of our GPS units. We’ll send you the apps and links you’ll need ahead of the event. We will require a deposit and a small data fee if using our devices.

Building Your Team

Your team should include between four and six members. If there are any team members under 18, there must be at least one supervising adult team member.

Team entry costs £100, which works out at just under £17 each for a team of six. Remember, your entry fee is donated in full to our charity, so technically this is a donation.

There’ll be a fair amount of physical movement required so a good level of fitness is recommended, however, it is up to you how swiftly you move between challenge stations. You’ll want outdoor shoes and to be prepared for the Great British weather.


We’re still planning this event and haven’t yet decided on a date. We’ll likely run it on a Saturday or Sunday sometime between March and May 2021.


We operate in Bristol and also have links in Bath so it’ll be in a wooded area in or near Bristol or Bath.

Signing Up

If you’d like to register your interest in taking part, you can do so using our online form. When we have a date and venue fixed up, we’ll contact you to let you know how to register your team.