7 skills – 7 months – 7 challenges

Register, complete your challenge, collaborate, upload and share.

How Does it Work?

  • On the first day of each month, starting in January 2021, a new challenge will begin for those who have registered and been allocated a place. Participants have one month to complete the challenge and share their evidence.

  • Instructions, information and support will be available from the first to the final day of the month. At the start of the next month, a new challenge will begin. You must register separately for each challenge.

  • You will need to complete your challenge, independently, with a parent or perhaps in collaboration with a friend or group of friends, in your own time.

  • We will run a live Challenge Starter event online to kickstart each new challenge. Joining details will be sent to you and posted in Google Classroom. These will include the date, time and Zoom link / Meeting ID.

  • Some challenges will require you to check in with us during the month and some may only require you to upload your challenge evidence once you’ve completed it.

Who Can Take Part?

You must be between 8 and 12 years of age and attend a school in the Bristol area. If you’re unsure if your school qualifies, let us know.

How Do I Register?

  • Scroll down this page to the challenge and month you wish to register for.

  • You can register one month before the next challenge is due to commence. We encourage you to take part in the whole 7-month programme.

  • Click the ‘register now’ or ‘ask a question’ button.

  • There are 50 places available for each challenge. You can view how many places are remaining for each challenge.

  • You must register individually for each challenge using the online form.

  • You will be sent login details to the email address you supply in your registration form. This will include access to a Google Classroom.

  • You can register any time within the challenge month if places are available.

What Do I Need?

Digital Devices

You’ll need an internet-connected device, ideally with a big enough screen to view a webpage and use Zoom at the same time. This could be a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Using a phone will work too but you’ll need to switch between programs which can be a bit tricky, but still possible.

Google Classroom

Some of the challenges will require you to take photographs and videos and upload them to Google Classroom. You can do this by loading Google Classroom onto your phone (Play Store / App Store) and signing in with the account login details we give you, or by connecting your phone to your computer and transferring then uploading the photos or videos.




You’ll also need Zoom to take part in the Challenge Starter Sessions at the beginning of each month. Can you either download the app/program or access it via your web browser. The app/program provides a better experience. This will enable you to join a live video meeting with all the other participants. We recommend, if you haven’t used Zoom before, you have a play with it and get familiar with it before the session. You’ll need to enable your webcam and microphone.


We’ll send you the Zoom meeting link, ID and password closer to the time by email and place the link in the Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Accessing Google Classroom

You’ll need a Google account to access Google Classroom. If you’ve got one already, you can let us know what that is when registering. If not, we can set you up with a new Wider World account. If you’d like us to set you up with a WW account, we’ll send you your sign-in email address and a temporary password. You can then use the Class Code to access the classroom. 

Logging In

Step 1: To login for the first time, visit: https://accounts.google.com/ and enter the email and password. You will be prompted to change the password. We can reset passwords if you forget.

Step 2: If you are already logged in with a Google account, choose ‘add another account’.

Step 3: Once signed in, open Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/.

Step 4: Click ‘Join class’ (+) and use the code supplied.

Lots of people set themselves new year’s resolutions. Not so many people actually achieve them. There are lots of reasons why. The most common is that they often look more like aspirations than well-planned goals. The second most common reason is that we don’t tend to consider and plan for the hurdles. This first challenge will turn you a super-goal-setter, and as a result, super-successful.

Spaces available


Teamwork requires two or more people who often have different preferred ways of doing things to work towards a common goal. Effective teams, play to each person’s strength, communicate and make well-considered decisions together. They support each other to improve without undue criticism.

Spaces available


Solving a problem requires us to think about and act on seven clear steps: 1) what do I know? 2) what don’t I know? 3) who or where can I find out? 4) what are my options? 5) what are the pros and cons? 6) make a decision, 7) reflect – was it the right decision? This fun challenge will test your creativity skills as well as your problem-solving ability.

Spaces available


Ask yourself the following questions: what is resilience? Where does it come from? Why do some people have lots of it and others not so much? How is it similar and different to confidence or tenacity? How can I built and grow it? How will it help? We’ll explore all of these questions and give you a chance to practise it in a fun way.

Spaces available


To be curious about the world and other people is to not miss a single opportunity that comes your way. You never know what will spark a new idea or help you make connections between ideas. This challenge requires you to stretch your curiosity using technology and your friendly people skills.

Spaces available


Where does confidence come from? If you ask yourself what makes you feel confident that you’ll be able to do something, the answer will probably be that you’ve either done it before or done something similar. But what about things you’ve never done before? Having the inner confidence to say to yourself, “I’ve done a bunch of things for the first time before, and I was fine”, will set you on course for a lifetime of success. This challenge is fun, musical and will require a little bit of confidence and resilience mixed in.

Spaces available


Anyone can be a leader, but to be a really good leader takes skill and practise. Leaders listen, take time to understand, have a clear vision, make confident decisions, reflect and inspire others. So, can you work out what it really takes to be the best leader you can be and put it into practice?

Spaces available