A wonderful end to our 18/19 programme!

Our final two activity days were fun-filled and action packed, and brought our 2018/2019 programme to a successful end! Both groups got a chance to try their hand at junior masterchef with Coexist Community Kitchen and made some delicious creations, including sushi and summer rolls – yum yum! It was great to see the children all be so responsible in the kitchen, and they all showed great enthusiasm when making something new!

There was also a half day engineering session organised by the University of Bristol – it was great to show the children around parts of the university, and they got to have a go designing and building mini cars – both a cooperative and a competitive edge was encouraged!

We then had a full day trip to Wild Place Project, where not only did we enjoy a walk around seeing all that was on offer, but we also had an African safari education session where the children got up close and personal with some creepy crawlies, and we had a go on the high-ropes/climbing wall. Bundles of enthusiasm and resilience were shown all day – the children all pushed themselves to their limit, and it was incredible to see how far everybody has come in terms of confidence since our first high-ropes trip a few months ago.

We’ve really enjoyed each and every one of our trips, and we hope everybody else has as well! It’s been amazing to see all of the children grow over the course of the programme, and even more special to see the constant smiles and hear the continuous laughter.

See you next year!