An exciting May half term!

Throughout the May half term we held 2 exciting activity days which saw the children learn, explore, and revel in new activities which encouraged their curiosity and tested their resilience.

We visited the Roman Baths in Bath where the children were exposed to the rich history of the Romans and even went back in time during an education session which revealed how the baths were previously used and why they remain so important.

We also went canoeing along Bristol’s iconic harbour where the children helped, guided, and encouraged each other on the water, demonstrating their exceptional teamwork skills.

One group then visited Bristol’s police station, which aimed to explore future aspirations by encouraging the children to think about how they can go on to make a difference in the world.

The second group went on an action packed walk in Leigh Woods where they took part in an exciting adventure, using their initiative to negotiate maps and explore the beautiful nature Bristol has to offer.

Overall, we challenged and encouraged the children to try new things, work in cohesive teams, and have fun. It was a great couple of days and we are especially excited for the final few trips of the year which are coming up in July!