Windmill Hill City Farm, Underfall Yard, and Bristol Zoo – two fun-packed days!

The next two trips of our 2018-2019 enrichment programme were super action packed and challenged the children to face their fears and work in a team.

These two busy days saw the children explore Windmill Hill City Farm where they had the opportunity to feed the animals, try fresh herbs from the community garden, and make their own pizza from start to finish (before cooking it in an outdoor stone oven)! The children then headed to Underfall Boatyard where they had a tour around the area, learnt about steam power, and had a go at racing their own little steam boats! The second day was spent at Bristol Zoo where the children faced their fear of heights on the Zooropia course, and got up close and personal with mini-beasts in the education session!

These two days gave both groups plenty of time to demonstrate their resilience, express their confidence, and explore their curiosities.