About Us

What We Do

Wider World is a Bristol-based charity supporting children to develop character strengths and life skills through our three pillars of support, which includes delivering stimulating skills development enrichment experiences, life and learning skills classroom-based programmes and parent support.

We’ve been supporting children aged 8 to 12 years and their families across Bristol since 2014 working closely with primary and secondary school, Bristol University, UWE, The Civil Service, a multitude of activity providers and venues and have supported over 200 children so far.

We are funded through grant programmes such as The Big Lottery, John James, John Lewis, Bristol University Internship fund, The Co-op and others, plus personal donations, fundraising events and school funding.

We’re still pretty new, emerging and building up our programme, our funding base and staff. These are exciting times and we’re so passionate about the work we do and where we could go with our vision to support more and more children across the city to realise their goals and life-chances.

Pillars of Support

Information about the pillars of support.

Our Vision & Strategy

Vision and strategy information.

Our Logo and The Albatross

An albatross can circumnaviate the world in 42 days and fly 10,000 miles in one go! That’s going to take some determination, tenacity and resilience don’t you think?