Four fun filled Easter holiday activity days

We’ve had so much fun over the Easter holidays! We held 4 exciting busy days over the past two weeks, 3 of which saw the children playing and exploring outside in the sunshine!

For the first time we visited Mojo Active an outdoorsy team-building day where the groups had to work together to build the best and biggest den, overcome physical challenges, and battle it all out in a nerf gun war!

We also visited Arnos Vale Cemetery for the first time and spent the day whittling sticks to roast marshmallows on, finding bugs, and exploring.

We returned to Cheddar Gorge and visited Gough’s cave. Many children overcame their initial fears and went both underground and climbed to the top of the viewpoint! We then also joined in on the Easter Egg hunt and managed to score some chocolate – success!

Lastly, we had an insightful day touring around BBC Radio Bristol and Highways England, seeing behind the scenes of two different work places, giving news reporting and weather presenting a go, and building the strongest bridge that we could.

This time round we challenged the children to come together and work as a team, demonstrate their resilience, and show off their leadership skills. We’re really looking forward to the next lot of activities, and we hope you are too!